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Support Uber and OLA cabs

Rajesh Joined : May/11 Points : 7770 Dear All, Kindly support the Uber and OLA cabs in Kochi, it is very useful and mainly for Inforpark based employees. So inform all of your friends, relatives and neighbors about this service and avoid local taxi and auto because these peoples are cheating Infopark employees. Kindly support Uber and OLA cabs. Thanks.
Posted On 02/09/16 03:07 PM 269 days ago
Naazim Joined : Oct/10 Points : 240 In full agreement, Rajesh.
Posted On 06/09/16 07:32 PM 264 days ago
Arun Joined : Oct/16 Points : 170 Very true, full support from me and my friends....
Posted On 27/10/16 02:02 PM 214 days ago
Yadukrishnan Joined : Nov/16 Points : 120 Reasonable price and safe journey. Uber and Ola. Thumps up!
Posted On 17/11/16 11:02 AM 193 days ago
Cathleen Joined : Oct/16 Points : 165 Starting stages of both Uber and OLA was reasonable and comfortable. But now the real faces are out, during an emergency situation like rainy day, they charge double the rate from customers with a decent title called "SURGE".

Posted On 15/12/16 01:58 PM 165 days ago
Rajesh Joined : May/11 Points : 7770 Hi Cathleen..... please take a look on
Now the auto rickshaw drivers are making traffic blocks in front of TCS and Wipro, they are also stopping their auto rickshaws at the center of roads any time. We all try to join together to avoid auto rickshaw and local taxi inside Infopark campus. So support Uber and OLA maximum.
Posted On 10/02/17 11:39 AM 108 days ago
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