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General >> Deplorable condition of road
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Deplorable condition of road

Sankar Joined : Jul/13 Points : 130 Hi, All of you would be very much aware of the deplorable condition of the road that runs infront of the infopark. it has become a nightmare to motorists as well as pedestriants. This is certainly attributed to sheer negligence and indifference shown by the authorities. Is there any way we techies as a collective group can influence or pressurise the authorities to provide us the basic amenities. pl. let me know your views. Regards, Sankar
Posted On 19/07/13 05:54 PM 1 years ago
Meble Joined : Mar/12 Points : 165 yeh sure,,all are aware but no ones doing anything. You gotta learn circus, jumping from one side to another to avoid a splash of muddy water on the way to Tejomaya
Posted On 08/08/13 12:01 AM 1 years ago
Yadukrishnan Joined : Nov/12 Points : 170 Nothing to say anymore... its Horrible.
Posted On 26/08/13 11:46 AM 1 years ago
Mahesh Joined : Jan/12 Points : 1465 Dear Sankar,

This kinda post has been made many times in infoparky, but we did not see any impact with it. The horrible condition of is not only in front of infopark but also after entering main the gate. Once any Minister or somebody get a chance to come down to visit Kochi, and infopark, to inaugurate something establish something inside, they will surely make it up right, otherwise, we have to enjoy the road with a broken heart.
Posted On 09/09/13 04:57 PM 1 years ago
Rajesh Joined : May/11 Points : 7870 Hi All, please think seriously about this matter and make a move against these type of irresponsible activities. We need to form a group, because the authorities are closing their eyes against these type of issues, but we are facing such difficulties, so please wake-up.
Posted On 24/09/14 04:52 PM 1 years ago
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