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Infoparky is a service oriented community website dedicated to IT professionals in and around Infopark. Infoparky was founded in 2011 with an intention to build a collaboration platform for the techies. Here the techies can interact each other and easily get a lot of useful information. All the information shared in this website is for free.

Information like Bus and Boat timings and Autorikshaw fares provided in the site will be very useful for the techies for their day to day transportation. Also upcoming events section would come handy while planning your weekends.

Keeping the idea of a greener world in mind we have included a feature called Ride Sharing. Whenever a techie shares his/her ride using this feature we contribute towards reducing the number of vehicles to Infopark. Similar to Ride Sharing we have introduced an Accommodation Sharing system, which can be used for finding or sharing an accommodation. Techies can request for an accommodation or post a property rental in the site. They can even look for a roommate in case beds are available in a Hostel. This feature is being widely used by new comers to Infopark. Another collaborative system we have introduced is Sell n' Buy, where selling and buying of items can happen in between the techie in Infopark.

We want this site to be beneficial to both Employees and Companies inside Infopark, so we have included a Job Openings section as well. This makes talent acquisition much easier for companies and for employees they could find a new job without relocating to a new region. We care about the techies in Infopark, so we have also added an Emergency contact section where helpline numbers are available for immediate actions. A forum is available in the website where everyone can share their thoughts or discuss on interested topics.

All the features in this website is for free, provided one have to register with the website using their company email id. This is just to ensure that all collaborative activities take place only between the techies in Infopark. One thing we would like to add is, Infoparky in an independent venture and not operated by Government or Infopark office.

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