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There are more than 100 IT companies in and around Kakkanad that employs more than 25,000 professionals. Infoparky is one of the most popular portals among this IT community and enjoys a significant number of hits per month. With an audience of exceptionally high buying power, Infoparky has been a favorite of advertisers who are looking for significant results.

Following are the advertising options Info Parky offer. For rate details, please
contact us with the type of ad you are interested in, along with the company details.

Banner Ads:

1. Top banner: Top banner is displayed at the top of the page and is visible on all pages. Banners can be static images or active content. There is only one top banner and it is the most effective advertising spot and requires advanced reservation.

2. Home page Ad Blocks (right side): There are multiple ad blocks at the right side of the home page. These blocks are positioned in such a way that it gets easy attention from the audience and a high likely hood of conversion.

3. Footer banner: Footer banner is visible on all pages, and there is only one footer banner spot.

4. Page specific right banners (sky scrapers): Right banners are specific to pages or sections. For example a banner can be placed for the entire Restaurants section (including the listing as well as restaurant details pages). Another example, a banner can be placed for a specific place to visit, like the ad of a hotel in Munnar displayed on the details page of Munnar.

News Letters:

We send regular news letters to our subscribed members. There are two spots for providing with a banner as well as text ad within the email.

Promotional Write Up:

We can publish articles about your business on Info Parky for business promotion. Please
contact us for more details.

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